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Welcome to the Crockett High School Band Family. The Crockett Cougar Band is the largest spirit organization on campus, making it a large part of the Crockett family. From day one of summer band, you will find yourself working, competing, and growing with 100 of your closest friends.

High school band, when compared to middle school band, is much more performance oriented. The band is constantly learning and showcasing music in the same week. With football games, competitions, public appearances, there are more than 15 performances in the 10 week season. Students love the excitement that comes with performing for an audience and find that these memories are some of their fondest of their high school career.

The physical demands that come with marching are fairly high. Some students choose to take extra steps to prepare for marching band during the summer. Conditioning your body to the heat (spending time outside) is highly recommended. Because of the physical challenges marching band presents, we will exercise throughout the marching season. This helps to build both mental and physical endurance that will help students through the busy marching season.

“I get a PE credit for taking band?!” Yes, you do. Marching band is considered the Sport of the Arts. It is a very demanding yet rewarding activity. The excitement of looking back on performances with friends, and the improvements made throughout the competitive season, bring students back year after year. Rising to the physical and mental challenges to put on spectacular performances is something students grow to love.

In striving to be the best musicians possible, we ask that students take private lessons. This one-on-one instruction helps students to grow beyond what can be done in class while allowing students to explore musical topics of personal interest.

The band has rehearsals year-round, both before and after school. New students sometimes worry about making time for the many great programs offered at Crockett. If you are also interested in another activity, we encourage you to try both. You can make both activities fit into your schedule. No student will be asked to choose between two activities. We are proud to have many band members representing Crockett in multiple ways.

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