The Crockett Band Parents Association, Inc. (CBPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the Crockett High School Band. This outstanding group of parents maintain the schedule of fundraising in order to provide financial support for sheet music, instruments and other equipment. Without the support of parents at home, we cannot have the high level of success that we all know we can achieve. The band is truly a community organization, involving people beyond just the students you see performing. The CBPA (and by that we mean all parents and guardians with a child in the band) operates with the main goal in mind of supporting the development of excellent young people through music.

The CBPA also provides partial funding for senior scholarships, award jackets and the student appreciation dinner at the annual awards banquet. Additionally, this organization serves as a system of support for student supervision during away games, music competitions, public performances, and other student projects throughout the year.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Crockett Cougar Band is very busy this marching season. With 17 traveling events this season, our students need a lot of support. We ask that all parents volunteer for one event this season so that every student gets the support they need to have a great experience this year.


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