Gameday vs. Reagan – Friday, Nov. 3rd (Nelson Field)

4:30pm – Meal Deal served in cafeteria

5:00pm – Inspection without instruments

5:15pm – Load busses

5:30pm – DEPART

7:00pm – ARRIVE and unload

7:30pm – Kickoff

10:30pm – Game ends; load and DEPART

11:30pm – Dismissal

USBands Round Rock – Saturday, Nov. 4th

Kelly Reeves Stadium, Round Rock, TX

8:30am – CHS Band Hall Opens

9:00am – Busses arrive

9:15am – Load busses

9:30am – DEPART CHS

10:30am – ARRIVE Kelly Reeves

11:30am – Warm Up begins

12:30pm – Perform

1:00pm – Meal Deal served at the truck

5:00pm – Scores announced

6:00pm – Cold cuts served at the truck (if we perform later)

If we DO NOT make finals, we will leave the stadium by 6:00pm, arrive at CHS by 7:00pm and dismiss by 7:30pm.

If we DO make finals, we will perform again and scores will be announced at 10:45pm. We will then load up, come home, and dismiss by midnight.