Symphonic Band

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About the Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the second competing ensemble at Crockett High School and is under the direction of Ms. Moehnke. Students in the Symphonic Band participate in the UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest, and the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest. Symphonic Band students will receive instruction with an emphasis on the fundamentals and skills needed to advance to the Wind Ensemble while working to enhance musicianship and ensemble skills. Members are assigned weekly sectionals and numerous performance evaluations which are fundamental in their development as musicians.

UIL Selections

Fireball! by Brian Beck

Flight of Eagles by Elliot Del Borgo

His Honor (March) by Henry Fillmore, Arranged by Andrew Balent

Grade Calculation

Students will be assessed using the Standards-Based Grading Rubrics for Band.

Per six-weeks, students will have the following grades in the grade book:

  1. Weekly Sectional Participation (6 grades): Attendance will be graded using the Rehearsal Etiquette Power Standard Rubric and will fall into the 90% weight category. Attendance is not able to be made up later.
  2. Weekly Sectional Playing Grade (6 grades): Playing grades will be assessed during sectionals and will be graded using various Power Standard rubrics (such as Characteristic Sound or Pitch & Rhythmic Accuracy). Rubrics will be used, but playing grades will fall into the 10% weight category. Playing grades may be re-done for a higher score during FIT.
  3. Practice Video (1 grade): Students are required to submit one practice video per 6 weeks. It must be between :30 and 2:00 minutes long and include an explanation and demonstration of a) a specific issue the performer is experiencing with their playing, and b) two ways the student has approached the issue. This video will be in the 90% weight category and will be due the third week of every six weeks on Google Classroom.
  4. Performances: All Performances are in the 90% category and may not be made up if missed.

Sectional Schedule

Sectional attendance is extremely important to the success of the Symphonic Band. All playing grades will be assessed during sectionals. All students are required to attend their scheduled sectional each week. Sectional Participation grades are not able to be made up for full credit at a later date.

Before school (7:45-9am): Horns (Tuesday), Tubas/Bari Sax/Bass Clarinet (Wednesday), Clarinets (Thursday)

After School (4:45-6pm): Trumpets (Monday), Flutes (Tuesday), Saxes (Wednesday), Trombones/Euphs/Tenor Sax (Thursday)

FULL BAND: 7:30AM on Friday B days

Sectional Absence Policy

Sickness: A doctor note is required to receive the opportunity to make up grades. Both grades (attendance and playing) may be made up with a private lesson during FIT that same week.

Athletic or school conflict: absence must be communicated to Ms. Moehnke by email 48 hours in advance to receive the opportunity to make up grades. If eligible, both grades may be made up with a private lesson during FIT that same week.

Over 15 minutes late: student will receive an attendance grade of 68%.

General Absence: student will receive an attendance grade of 40% (not able to be made up for full credit). Playing grade can be made up during FIT that same week.